Setting the bar for all ice cream (for me, anyway) is White Farms in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

We drove by this place with a cow on the roof several times on our way home from York Beach, and one day finally stopped in for an enlightening experience. First, they have an awesome variety of homemade flavors, a few of which you may have to ask about. The names aren’t very descriptive (e.g., Outrageous and Drew’s Dino Crunch). Second, the super-friendly staff is very happy to give you a taste of whatever you want to try. Third, it’s amazing ice cream. We’ve never had a bad flavor, but my current favorite is coconut chip which is a creamy coconut ice cream with serious chocolate chunks. Some places just dash in a few specks of chocolate bits, but if you look at Exhibit A below, you’ll see how seriously they take chocolate chips—it’s like they read my mind on how ice cream should be!

Exhibit A: Awesomeness in a cup, Coconut Chocolate Chip. Now who can argue with that?

Coconut Chip Ice Cream

And the fourth reason I love White Farms: Mixed flavors, even for a kiddie cup. If I want my coconut chocolate chip but I’m feeling like I want to pair it with something else and see how that goes, I can! At some other ice cream places, you might be able to mix flavors, but you aren’t allowed to do it with the smallest size. At White Farms, this is a non-issue AND the kiddie cup is two generous scoops, probably a small at a lot of other places.

If you’re in the Ipswich area, please do yourself a favor and stop here for some ice cream awesomeness!

White Farms Ice Cream