We’re always on the hunt for a good doughnut, so while on our way up to Augusta, ME, we had to stop at the Holy Donut in Portland. I had heard from a friend that these potato-based doughnuts were worth making a detour.

First, I was impressed with the selection. I believe the varieties can change, but the most popular are offered every day. From the impressive choices we went with:

  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Fresh Strawberry Glazed
  • Allen’s Coffee Brandy
  • Maple Glazed
  • Vanilla Glazed
  • Lemon Glazed

Box of Holy Donut Doughnuts

and then we had to try the Bacon Cheddar doughnut too.bacon-cheese-doughnut

These doughnuts have a great texture. They’re cakey, but not too dry/light or dense/greasy, and carry a generous glaze. I really liked them, particularly the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Coffee Brandy and Maple Glazed. Ethan didn’t try those flavors but really enjoyed the Strawberry and Lemon Glazed.

Strawberry with a sweet, crusty glaze: Strawberry Glazed Doughnut

My favorite was the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Doughnut

We also approved of the Bacon Cheddar doughnut. While it wasn’t over-the-top, life-changing insanity, it didn’t disappoint and was what we expected—good. Really, you can’t go wrong with fried dough, bacon and cheddar.

The shop itself is pleasant, a little “hip” but not so much that I (an extremely un-hip person) felt uncomfortable. The staff was friendly and didn’t mind me snapping some pictures, and even offered to get out to the way.

If we lived in the area, we would definitely stop by here more often, so in a way I’m glad we don’t. But I will be looking forward to a future road trip taking us up this way again.