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Rye Harbor Lobster Pound


 We heard about Rye Harbor Lobster Pound and their sherry butter lobster rolls a long time ago and really wanted to try them, but we never seemed to be near Rye, NH. So today we said “we’re just going to make ourselves be in the area!” and drove up to Rye just to try their lobster roll. True story! Having never been there before, I was expecting what’s typical of coastal lobster shacks on.. Read More



 A place that I (Michelle) have been going to for a long time is Harry’s Restaurant in Westborough, MA. My sister and our friends were regulars here when we were in college. We’d stay until closing at 1:00 a.m. drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Now I can’t have coffee past noon, don’t smoke, and I’m asleep by 9:00 p.m. (or earlier), but I brought Ethan here a few years ago and he liked.. Read More

Beef Barn


 The Beef Barn in North Smithfield Rhode Island is what I like to think of as a living museum, and you can eat there! From the front of the restaurant you can see the strong barn theme they have going which continues on the inside. The place is about 40 years old and, personally, I really like that they haven’t updated anything (and I mean anything) decor-wise inside. It reminds me of the.. Read More