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Eating out in New England

Beef Barn

The Beef Barn

 The Beef Barn in North Smithfield Rhode Island is what I like to think of as a living museum, and you can eat there! From the front of the restaurant you can see the strong barn theme they have going which continues on the inside. The place is about 40 years old and, personally, I really like that they haven’t updated anything (and I mean anything) decor-wise inside. It reminds me of the.. Read More

The Holy Donut

The Holy Donut

 We’re always on the hunt for a good doughnut, so while on our way up to Augusta, ME, we had to stop at the Holy Donut in Portland. I had heard from a friend that these potato-based doughnuts were worth making a detour. First, I was impressed with the selection. I believe the varieties can change, but the most popular are offered every day. From the impressive choices we went with: Dark Chocolate Sea.. Read More